In 1950's, Our Founder, Tadao Matsui worked in New York and Paris as a textile designer. In 1961, for creating his ideal designs and producing high quality printed textiles, he established a textile design atelier in Kyoto where is well known as a producing area of KIMONO and it's textiles.


For Beautiful Human Life with Printed Textiles. Like "KAZE( Wind in Japanese )", feel and create freely. Respect to Humanity. Artists and Artisans who create by Hand.

Design in Kyoto

Innovation is tradition in Kyoto. For succeeding our history and culture, we respect tradition but also we have always considered how to innovate our culture. Many artists, artisans, scholars and students live in Kyoto. It makes Kyoto a stimulating city. In calm and gentle atmosphere, we feel beauty in nature and changing of four seasons. In these sensitivities, we can create sophisticated designs with modernity. Then we compose harmony of Japanese tradition and European Fashion.


Since 1960's, we have had a good collaboration with Japanese Fashion designers. In Mid of 1970's, we launched " fourseason " Brand for exporting to Europe and United States. In 1981, we reorganized a company and named Design House Kaze Corporation. In 2007, Keisuke Matsui became CEO and since 2014, we have exhibited our printed textile collection to Premium Textile Japan ( Tokyo ) and Milano Unica ( Milan ) several times. We will join Japan Textile Salon in NYC in mid January, 2018.