We, Design House KAZE, are committed to the beauty in designing from free-thinking ideas as the wind blows freely. (KAZE means wind in Japanese.) And we believe that the design completes by forming into a shape. In1961, we started a business of designing fashion prints and production in Kyoto, where had over 1,000 years history of dyeing crafts. We contributed to the creations by the Japanese top designers who took the lead roles of the founding period of fashion in Japan, and those works were exported to Europe and the U.S in 1970's.
All of our designs are created by in-house designers, to be dyed on print clothing material in cooperation with local producers. Our in-house designer deals directly with client to create high quality design for OEM production, as well. In our archive, more than 10,000 designs data since the establishment are digitally stored. The feature of our designs is hybrid:Western modernity & Kyoto gracefulness, sensibility to cherish the traditions & aggressiveness to challenge the new technologies, double-layered airy textile, print textile & another type of design or technique such as embroidery, 3D and etc.
Fashion is represented by Western culture. For that field, we will continue to put Japanese aesthetic values and Japanese master craftsmanship into our works and deliver to the world on the wind “KAZE”.
CEO Keisuke Matsui