The founder Tadao Matsui, after his graduation from the Kyoto City Technical School of Art, (the current Kyoto City University of Arts), joined Kanegafuchi-Bouseki company and worked as a textile designer at the design room. He was stationed in New York and Paris. At that time in Europe and the U.S markets, people had a cheap image of Japanese textile products. After returning to Japan, he started the company in order to produce the high-grade Japanese print-dyed textile rooted in Japanese traditional culture. It was in 1961 in Kyoto.


We produce printed textile to make people's lives comfortable and beautiful.
We are committed to create beautiful goods and things from free-minded ideas as the wind blows freely.
We take root in Kyoto also known for print-dyeing production area, and we pursue the master craftsmanship with our collaborator artisans.

Design in Kyoto

Kyoto has been developed in its long history and culture. While respecting the traditions, Kyoto has an environment for accepting novel things. It is also an exciting city where many artists, artisans, scholars and young students live in.
Kyoto's beautiful calm surroundings foster people's sensitivities to find the beauty in the nature, the changes of four seasons and so on. Such sensitivities produce beautiful delicate designs. By blending a modern sense of beauty, the abstract modernity completes to evolve from traditional beauty. This is how our avant-garde chic prints with hybrid designs were born. It is a harmony of Japanese sensibility and modern fashion taste we create.


Since the founding period of fashion in Japan, we have been supplying our textiles to many creators. Passing through several reorganizations, in the late 1970's, we (SHIKI FABRIC HOUSE at that time) challenged to export our textiles to Europe and the U.S, and some were used for the haute couture.
From 1980's, as Design House KAZE, our original print textiles have been supplied to department stores' apparel section in Japan. In 2007, Keisuke Matsui became the CEO. From 2014, we started to exhibit at the Premium Textile Japan, the biggest fashion material trade show in Japan. From 2016, we began participating in the Milano Unica to export Kyoto original print textiles again. We are also striving to develop products with our own brand names "fourseason" and "DESIGN HOUSE KAZE".