This brand name textiletells is a made-up word meaning "the textile tells", in the hope it will "expresses the fun of the textile" and "passes down the techniques of Japanese textile manufacturing". From textile manufacturing with original patterns, this textile is MADE IN JAPAN product.
textiletells was born here at Design House KAZE Corporation. We are a print textile producer for over 60 years working together with printing factories in Kyoto. Our custom designs requested from the apparel maisons in Japan and overseas were all created by our in-house designers.
The design is our original created by our designer who started up this textiletells brand. Features of the design are this emphasizing "line" and "space" based on Japanese inherent aesthetics which can be seen in Japanese paintings and Buddhist temples and such, and this black-and-white tone drawing the gradation of light. It represents the blend of tradition and modernity.
Our pattern printing is made one-by-one by hand at the atelier in Kyoto. The sense of the moment is applied on textile in each pattern printing. This pursues coincidental and inevitable beauty which mass production can never achieve. The value as one-of-a-kind art piece is here.
  • Clutch Bag
    Outside size(approximately)
    10 inch x 14.5 inch x 1 inch

    It is covered all inside by cushioning material. This is why we recommend it to use as PC case for 13inch PC such as MacBook Air.

    You can put your favorite shoulder belt for it. Inside cushioning material is covered nylon textile which is hard to get dirty. 2 pockets inside.

  • Multi-use Pouch
    Outside size(approximately)
    5 inch x 7 inch

    "L" shaped zipper pouch. You can put your passport inside. It is covered nylon textile which is hard to get dirty. 2 pockets inside.
2020 15th to 17th.Oct. On a trial basis, we attended at Exhibition for creators "rooms41" , Tokyo, Japan
  7th and 8th.Nov. We joined to Design Festa Tokyo, vol.52, Tokyo, Japan
2021 10th and 11th.Mar. We launched the brand at the 2nd Kyoto International Gift Show, Kyoto, Japan
  April. The designer, Akiyo created a Logo Design for the brand.
She express the design which shows textiles flowing in the KAZE ( wind ).
  June. We started a sales collaboration with "KiGinKin" which introduce extremely fine Made in Japan goods and art pieces to overseas market.
  1st to 5th.July. We attended at "rooms JOURNEY 01", Osaka, Japan
  21th to 23th.October. We attended at CREATION FESTIVAL 'rooms43', Tokyo, Japan