Rawwood (thinned wood) print

New ecological textile was born. Addressing the SDGs, this textile is printed with natural-dyestuff (Rawwood liquid) extracted from thinned wood (Rawwood) of Kyoto Kitayama cedars in the method of Kyoto's traditional "tenassen" hand printing. This beautiful natural woody color can't be achieved with chemical dyestuff. No chemicals or minerals are used. Environmentally responsible.

In the forests, thinned wood is produced in the thinning process (the selective removal of trees) of growing healthy forest. Fallen trees are often found after typhoon. By extracting from those thinned wood and fallen trees, we obtain extract for making dyestuffs. The residual wood chips can be reused as fuels in the extraction process. And textile wastewaters from dyeing can be safely returned to river without water treatment. We've created a nature-friendly manufacture cycle without wasting.

After getting the extract from wood chips, it will be concentrated and processed to make dyestuff in another words Rawwood liquid.

The currently prevailing the CMYK printing method doesn't work with this Rawwood liquid. Instead, we use Kyoto's traditional "tenassen" hand printing method.

Tobikawa Print Factory Co.,Ltd
Hand printed by Mr.Shimokawa and Mr.Hayashi

For this textile printing, we applied several shade dyestuffs from the same extract in different concentration level.

Our showroom in Kyoto.

The tapestries of raw wood print fit in wood-focused Japanese style room.

Supported by a project subsidy of Kyoto City