HAND PRINTING ('Tenassen')

Kyoto is a famous old city as former 1,000years long capital of Japan. And here in Kyoto, still many artists and artisans live for creation. Also we have many students who live and study in such atomosphere. As a famous producing area of KIMONO, artisans have produced printed textiles since 17th Century. Then, artisans in our era still print textiles by Hand.


Designers of Design House Kaze are graduated from art schools in this area. They like to draw artworks by hand and also like to create prototypes by hand. In our modern age, we can use many convenient electronic tools. We also use computers. But we always start to draw design by hand. We think humanity is important how to use tools. Kyoto is a city where we can feel and touch arts, culture and humanity. We design artworks in Kyoto where is suitable for creation.

Screen Making

There are several stages for printing textiles. We have specialists in every stage for producing textiles in Kyoto. Screen Makers produce Screens for printing.

Hand Printing

Artisans put textiles on tables. Using screens, they print textiles by hand as you can see the video.

Tobikawa Print Factory Co.,Ltd
Hand printed by Mr.Shimokawa and Mr.Hayashi

Steaming, Washing, Finishing and Inspecting

After printing, Artisans steam printed textiles in high temperature or high pressure for coloring. Then, wash in orfer to take away left over dyestuff. After that, finish textiles to complete and finally, check the textiles.